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Justice for George Floyd

The event that rocked and will hopefully continue to rock our often way too docile society opened up personal wounds for me. One evening, without planning to do so, I made a small illustration of Mr Floyd. I usually sketch out what I want to paint beforehand. As this was so spontaneous, I directly put paint to paper and as always finished off the details with coloured pencil. I was pleased enough with the result to post it on Instagram. Seeing how well my illustration was being received not only warmed my heart but prompted me to take action and play an albeit small part in pushing for change. I created stickers which I sold and of which the net proceeds of 1000€ I donated to two organisations taking on anti-racism and inequality.

The Belgian: Hand in Hand tegen racisme 

& the American: National Lawyers Guild–Mass Defense Fund.

GFloyd  .jpg
The Godfather

After receiving the happy news he was going to become a godfather, Thomas came up with the brilliant idea of gifting his future goddaughter 16 gift cards she could use until her 16th birthday. He came up with the activities, I with the accompanying illustrations. Below are some of my faves!

African Boogie Night

Illustration I made for a recurring event here in Antwerp!


My aunt has a friend who really loves pigs, who can blame her?

A pig poster I made for her birthday.

oink seperates2.jpg
Before they are gone..

Christmas cards I made highlighting a few of the many endangered animals on our planet. The cards seem festive at first but upon closer examination, you notice each animals demise is illustrated. 

Birds of a Feather

Growing up in Zim we were spoiled when it came to wildlife! Although Zimbabwe is known for its amazing sightings of the Big Five (need to make a drawing of that asap!) its birds are just as majestic and breathtaking. Selected a few and tried my best at doing them justice. See them below.

Blue Fingers

Plants on plants on plants! 

fern 2.jpg
Monkey Business 

Remember that Celebes crested macaque that took a selfie and almost won a lawsuit? Yeah he inspired this series.

monkey business vertical+letters2.png
A Woodland Christmas

Curious critters on Christmas eve (say that 10 times fast)