Atelier Blouberg

When Ruben asked me if I could design his Maker's Mark, "Atelier Blouberg" I jumped at the opportunity. I had the pleasure of witnessing Ruben search and find his passion for Woodwork. A passion that would result in him travelling all over the globe to better learn his craft.

Blouberg is the name of a seaside resort town where Ruben was born. An Afrikaans name that literally translates to blue mountain and refers to the view of Table mountain that can be seen from one of its popular beaches.



Lise is a driven, young physiotherapist starting out her career. She came to me for a fresh new look for her business cards. Wanting to stay far away from the cliché images of unfurled spinal cords I opted to zoom in and focus on the shape of vertebrae instead. This gave me a slightly more abstract image which I could play around with to give it the appearance of movement, an essential part of Lise's job.

Lise Wouters 

Misschawky is a budding yoga and lifestyle brand run by Laura.

As a yoga teacher, Laura wanted her logo to personify her take on life. "Spreading love for fearless, peaceful souls while maintaining the mantra of self-acceptance."

I drew inspiration from the videos I watched of Laura going through her yoga routines also known as flows. It was that fluidity that I tried to incorporate in her logo. Watching one of her videos pen in hand, I blindly drew letting Laura's movements guide me, the flowing line intertwining through the letters Misschawky is the result.


Ivo loves a challenge, making him the perfect person for companies going through major changes to partner up with. Letting Ivo's love for Escher be a mild source of inspiration, creating a sort of impossible line. 

I created a 2 part logo that could both work in black or white.

Stefanie & Pieter 

When one of your best friends is getting married and asks you to be in charge of the design side of the wedding, you try to keep it professional by squeaking out a "yes of course!" but also hug her to death because, BESSFRENDSS!!

Stef & Pieter were set to marry this year but due to covid19 & the uncertainty that ensued the event has been moved to next year. Never the less I can still share the anagram I created for the event. The anagram and the organic shape beneath it are key features that will continuously pop up in various shapes or form, from drink coasters to napkins to buttons and come recently a mirror in their home. Below some examples of its possibilities.

Golden oldies & loved left overs

Logos from long back and logos that were given as 2nd or 3rd choice that didn't make the cut but that I love nonetheless.