Startx is small in size but big in principle, as experts in software & website development they mainly focus on working with ethically and ecologically responsible clients.

While working for them I was allowed to give their website a well-deserved facelift. We wanted it to emanate the fresh, no-nonsense yet fun work spirit that resides there, we opted for a clean look with here and there some quirks.

Vin d'Ou

Although still in its final developing stages before going live, I feel I can share my design and artwork I created for Vin d'Où. As my first freelance website, I was super grateful that Tom & Ilse, who run this exquisite place, not only entrusted me with the task at hand but also gave me full carte blanche design-wise. They insisted on one thing only, that like their restaurant the website should ooze sophistication & at the same time show their down to earth & fun-loving side. 

As both were fans of my illustrative work I decided to combine a more abstract/collage style of drawing with a sleek and minimalistic design style. A nod to the two worlds they so successfully bring together in their restaurant. 

coming soon..

Stormkop is every child's (or overgrown child if you're like me) dream come true! Opening up a world of free-thinking and creativity for its young adventurers. I was fortunate enough to be able to help design their website under the guiding and experienced hand of their lead designer at Bobbi Watson. They provided the artwork and I the layout. 

The site is full of gimmicks and a true testament of the fun and mischief that Stormkop loves to indulge in